Why Positive Agents Have Amazing Results

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Why Positive Agents Bring Positive ResultsDo you ever feel like you are getting into a rut?

Like things just don’t seem as exciting as they used to? Like your life is a repeat of the same day over and over again?

If so, that’s okay because it happens to everyone from time to time. People tend to get into a rhythm with their daily life. But then days turn into weeks, months, and years, and we suddenly find ourselves less and less excited.

There is, however, one common thing found in every successful real estate agent that helps them power through this feeling.

What is it?


Enthusiasm is a powerful force that allows people to greet their day and gets them ready to face it.

Successful agents understand the importance of keeping their enthusiasm up. It’s one of the most charismatic and contagious traits to possess, and therefore can help charm leads your way.

How can you make sure your clients get a positive vibe from you?

We all know that first impression are important, but it’s equally important that your clients have a positive feeling about you at all times. They certainly don’t want to feel any negativity about the person handling the sale of their home.

You want them to know that you are pumped up and excited about helping them sell or buy their dream home!

Here are some techniques you can use to make your clients feel positive about you, and help you close more sales.


Be Around Positive People

Have you ever heard the saying that you are the sum of the 5 people closest to you? That’s a very low number. You can’t afford to surround yourself with people that weigh you down and bring more trouble to your life than good.

The law of attraction says that positivity attracts more positivity. So make sure you keep the company of those who bring good to your life so you can pass on those vibes to your clients.


Positive Self-talk

Most people don’t realize that there is constant chatter going on in their head. Your brain is thinking the entire time that you’re awake (and sometimes when you’re sleeping too).

Try to listen to your own mind and eliminate any negative thoughts you impose on yourself. Try to compliment and give thanks whenever you can, and cut back on complaints and criticism.


Positive Affirmations

You have to be honest with yourself and decide what you really want. Why do you want to be a successful real estate agent?

Once you figure it out, commit yourself to practice positive affirmations and focus yourself in the direction you want to go. You will see a positive shift in your energy and you will have great interactions with clients.


Fake It Til You Make It

Everyone has bad days. Even with the above tips, there are bound to be days when you will just be somewhere else mentally.

Days like that just need a smile from your face and a good attitude to get your positivity flowing. And if your day goes really sour, just remember that tomorrow is a new day to get your enthusiasm back up again.


To your success!

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  1. Echo Uhler says:

    I love this, I couldn’t agree more and so grateful for the reminder!!

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