How to Ethically Persuade as a Real Estate Agent

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persuasion technique great realtorsWhether you are completely new to the business or have several years of experience as a realtor, you probably already have a whole array of ways to persuade buyers and sellers.

You may even have a good success rate with your persuasion skills in both real estate and real life situations. Here are some common ways people use to persuade others:

  • Finding something in common
  • Appealing to someone’s interest
  • Establishing a need
  • Realizing scarcity
  • Appealing to desires and emotions
  • And many more!

You might be using these methods even in your personal life to swing things your way, such as convincing your spouse to watch your favorite TV show, or getting the kids to eat their vegetables.

If you get really skilled with it, you can pull any situation your way.


But Wait, There’s More!

However, there is one method of persuasion that most people don’t typically use. I have never even heard or thought of it until I learned about it recently. It’s a highly effective, psychological effect – a spark almost – that can help you increase your sales even more.

It’s quiet simply saying the words “You’re free” (to say/do otherwise).

Here is an example to help put this into context so you can see how it works.

Let’s say you needed someone to watch over your house while you go out of town for a few days. You ask a friend or relative if they can do the favor for you, followed by the phrase “Of course, you’re free to say no”.

By doing that, you have acknowledged their freedom to decline your invitation. You are also indirectly letting them know that you are not threatening their right to decline whatever you offered.

In several studies conducted, it was found that using this technique doubled the chances of the subjects to say yes to a request.

Now you got yourself a house-sitter.


It’s the Idea, Not the Delivery

The exact wording does not matter so much. It’s the idea that you’re trying to convey. You can get similar success by saying things like “don’t feel obligated…” or “but you don’t have to…”

The most effective way to do this is in person. It’s much harder to do this over email.

Here are some examples of situations where this technique can be used in your real estate career.


7 Situations of Persuasion

1. Getting a new client:

“Would you like me to be your exclusive agent? You’re completely free to say no.”

2. Showing properties:

“Would you consider a home a few blocks away? Of course you’re free to say no.”

3. Prospecting:

“I would love to meet with you and discuss this in person. Of course you’re free to say no, but when would be a good time for you?”

4. Cold calling:

“I understand you’re busy right now. I’d like to call you back at a later time. You can say no of course, but would that be okay with you?”

5. Networking

“I’d love to take you out to lunch and talk some more about this. You’re free to say no of course!”

6. Negotiating

“The buyer would like to include the refrigerator in the sale as well. You can say no of course, but would you be willing to consider that?”

7. Preparing a home

“In most cases, staging a home can help it sell better. Of course you can say no, but would you be willing to do some rearranging before the open house?”


This technique builds trust with a client by making them feel like they have more of a decision in the matter. You gain their respect while benefitting from their decision.

The “you’re free” method is a simple to use and effective way for you to sell more properties.

But you’re free to stick to other persuasion techniques…


Happy selling!

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