Negotiate Like a Pro with This Surefire Trick

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The Most Strikingly Effective NegotiatorDo you wonder why it is that some realtors seem to have it all?

It seems like some agents can get away with anything and still come out on top.

You know the type I’m talking about. The ones that never show up at office meetings, the ones who hardly have a listing presentation, the ones that can barely work their way around the MLS… Yet they still have new clients coming to them all the time.

How come they can bridge the gap between any buyer and seller?

What makes them such a winner?


That One Thing

The good news is that it comes from within you.

And if you don’t possess this trait, it can be adapted.

So, what’s the most strikingly effective negotiation technique for realtors?


Confidence (or lack thereof) walks with you wherever you go. It’s in your tone when you speak. People can see it right when you enter the room. It adapts to the environment you are placed in. It starts from you like a drop in water, and ripples outwards onto those around you. It’s your negotiator in a deal.


Don’t Mistake It For What It Isn’t

Some people get the wrong idea about confidence. And rightfully so, because there is a real fine line between using it to your advantage and using it against you.

So, let’s clarify a few things.

Confidence is not arrogance. In other words, it’s not used in a snobby, bragging kind of way.

Confidence also isn’t cockiness. There is a reason why the term cocky is derived from the name for a rooster – they walk around all propped up thinking they own the whole farm. Don’t be a rooster.


The Importance of Confidence

Confidence is key to negotiating effectively. In most cases, clients will have some sort of insecurity about a real estate transaction, anything from money-related stress to lack of trust. In such cases, a confident realtor can chase those insecurities away, while a realtor lacking confidence can magnify them.

Confidence is not something that most people are born with.

It builds on continued success over time. The more success you achieve, the more confidence you gain. But if you hit a string of bad luck, it can be brought back down just as easily.

However, there are some things that you can do to boost your confidence and help you close more sales.


Confidence Boosters

1. Prepare

Always be prepared for your meetings and appointments. This will help you look forward to them instead of dreading them if you let them creep up on you. Use your calendar and set reminders on your phone or computer.

2. Be positive

Pay attention to the way you conduct yourself throughout the day. Make it your mission to make a positive statement whenever possible. Think positively. If something negative happens, try to look at the bright side of things and remember that it could always be worse.

3. Organize

If you stay organized, you stay productive. If you stay productive, you stay successful. If you stay successful, you stay confident. Simple as that.

4. Motivate

Motivate yourself throughout your day. Look at inspirational pictures and quotes online, follow inspirational social media accounts, and watch inspirational movies.

5. Believe

Believe in yourself. If you don’t, how can you expect others to? Have a positive self-talk with yourself in the morning and before bed time. Remember that you were made a real estate agent for a reason!


If you’ve had recent bad luck and you’re on a low level of confidence right now, just follow the above tips and watch yourself become a negotiating master in any situation from your newfound confidence. If you already are a confident agent, don’t let yourself fall over the edge and become arrogant as that will cost you some deals really easily.


Happy selling!

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