The Most Powerful Way to Build Rapport with Anyone

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rapport building realtorsBuilding rapport means going beyond just serving your clients. Building rapport means developing a lasting relationship with someone, whether it’s a client, coworker, or future prospect.

When you have good rapport with a diverse group of people, you can rely on using your relationship to advance your personal life or professional career.

But for most people it’s hard to create such a connection. Not every realtor has the ability to spark a lasting relationship with complete strangers.

That’s why this article was written.

The following tips can be used as a quick guide to help set you on your way to building rapport with anyone. Don’t be reluctant to use this for your personal life too when you want to create a powerful relationship with someone!


Step #1 – Body Language

The key to rapport building is to make the other party feel comfortable around you.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to mirror their body language.

Observe the person’s posture and gestures and try to replicate them. This is important because it creates a natural level of comfort between the two of you. This is also a great way to reduce any instinctual barriers they may have against talking to strangers.

In the meantime, pay attention so that you don’t portray any nervous physical signs such as touching your hair or face or tapping your foot. These signs create a visual lack of confidence and will count against you when trying to build rapport.

The other person may not feel fully comfortable talking to you at first, so it’s okay if they show one of these signs. After a little while it will decrease as they get more comfortable with you. If they show any nervous traits, make sure you don’t mirror them in your own body language!


Step #2 – Tone

People tend to respond more positively to those that sound like them. I don’t mean the audible sound of your voice. That’s rather hard to match especially if the two speaking parties are different genders.

Rather, focus on using the same tone as the other person.

Listen to whether they are talking loudly or softly. Do they speak assertively or in a more calm manner?

Observe the speed at which they speak. Is it fast paced or slow and mellow? This may be hard to match but it can be adapted to a certain degree.

Pick up on as many factors as possible and try to match your tone to theirs as much as you naturally can.

NOTE: If the person has a distinct accent, this part of your approach won’t be as effective. Instead, try to focus more on the other tips in this article.


Step #3 – Repeat

Repetition is a great technique to build rapport with a client. All you have to do is simply affirm what the person is saying during your conversation by repeating it.

No, you don’t actually repeat every single word they say. Rather, you affirm their problem by repeating it and then offer a solution. This is much more effective than just giving them a short answer.

Here is an example:

Client: “So you’re saying that my home won’t sell for $450,000? But I need that much for it in order to buy a home when I move to Texas.”

You: “I know you would like to get that much for your home in order to move. I completely understand. But have you considered…”

In this example you could have easily said “It won’t sell for that much because…”. But by repeating their problem, you made them see that you are on the same level as them, or on their side instead of against them.

Now you already have a big head-start in trying to resolve this issue.


Step #4 – Presume Rapport

The biggest obstacle to rapport building is the natural discomfort that people have towards strangers, particularly when talking to them for the first time.

After all, the last thing you want to happen is to say the wrong thing or make some mistake and look like a fool in front of someone you just met.

But that’s the good thing, because everybody feels that way! Almost every person in the world has experienced some type of nervous social anxiety.

Next time you feel reluctant about approaching someone, one simple trick to overcome your fear is to presume that you already have rapport with that person.

Speak to every new person you meet as if you already have some sort of relationship with them to help break the ice.

The great thing about assuming rapport with people from the start is that it will make it much easier for you to implement the other techniques in a more natural way, instead of making it feel like an artificial process.


Now it’s time for you to start a rapport empire! Over time you can create amazing relationships with people that will bring even more success your way.


To your success!

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