Why a Clean Car Brings More Business

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The reason why you should keep your car cleanAs a real estate agent, your car will be the second most common thing that people see, first being your face. Whether you’re driving customers around or just going to and from appointments, your car’s appearance has a big impact on how you are perceived.

Clean Car, Clear Mind

First and foremost, keeping your car clean will boost your confidence. You will feel more accomplished, and have a productive state of mind – the same way you get more accomplished when your desk is organized.

Everyone prefers to sit in a clean vehicle rather than a dirty one. It’s also a great way to stand out as a professional in your customers’ minds because they feel better having you drive them around than another agent (with a presumably dirtier car).

The “clean car effect” will give people the impression that you are an organized agent, and will assume that you conduct business in a superior manner than someone with a dirty SUV with bugs all over the front, and mud slung up on the sides.

It’s Easier Than You Think

All you basically need to do is keep the exterior clean by a good wash, and keep the interior organized and the floors vacuumed. Sure, there is a whole list of other things you can do to detail your car, but these basic things will already put you at an advantage over most agents.

Too busy or don’t want to do dirty work?

You can hire a professional detailer to keep your car clean for around $50. Make sure they wax the exterior after it’s washed – it will protect the paint and keep it looking clean for a few weeks.

Always do your best to park in the shade as much as possible and use your garage if you have one!

The simple act of keeping your car clean is a good way to help brand yourself as a successful agent. Make sure you also stay on top of its maintenance and service it regularly to avoid any embarrassing breakdowns. Most importantly, drive safe and sell some houses!

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