Master These 4 Key Concepts to Gain More Sales

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get more salesThere is constant change in the life of a real estate agent.

You’re always working with different customers, different properties, and maybe even in different areas of town.

Then you have changes in regulations, upgrades in technology, software updates, and continuing education requirements to meet.

In addition to these dynamic subjects, here are 4 areas that every realtor should master to get more sales.


1. The Economy

The housing crisis in the late 2000’s was a wake up call to many about just how big of a role the national economy plays in real estate.

It’s important to familiarize yourself with economical factors such as current interest rates, unemployment rates, and GDP rates. You should be familiar enough to the point to have an insightful conversation about the economy and how it could affect the housing market.

With the current economy of the U.S. on the upswing, you can use these facts as a motivating factor for buyers and sellers.


2. Market Conditions

Perhaps the most important outside factor that can impact a real estate professional’s career is the condition of the housing market.

Therefore, it is crucial that you understand what is happening to the housing market on a local scale, state wide, and nationally.

Ask your broker or your local board where you can obtain the most recent and reliable information on real estate market conditions.


3. Your Community

Your primary source of business stems from the local community.

As a professional real estate agent, you should be constantly aware of local news and events. Attend community meetings. Familiarize yourself with your area and its businesses.

Always stay up to date on local laws that have an impact on real estate.

Reach out to local developers and learn their inventory.


4. Technology

Technology is now tied in with every aspect of real estate.

Whether it’s sales, marketing, finance, etc., technology plays a huge role in the accuracy and efficiency of a real estate transaction.

While it’s not necessary to buy the very latest gadget every time something new is released, you should stay with current technological trends and avoid falling behind. If you fall too far behind it will be much harder to catch up to the newest tech tools once yours is outdated.

Using the latest technology in sales and marketing will also boost your reputation as a savvy realtor, and clients will be attracted to the tech edge you have over other agents.


Always stay current on these 4 areas and focus on proactive tasks. By doing that you will already have a big advantage in the field of realtors.

Happy selling!

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