How to Actually Make Money from Your Real Estate Blog

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How to Actually Make Money from Your Real Estate Blog

Blogging is a bit of a misunderstood topic for some agents.

The internet marketing world has all of us believing that blogging can make the difference between a failing business and a thriving one.

However, blogging – IF DONE RIGHT – can add a nice boost to your sales volume.

Here’s how…


Step 1: Commitment

If you already have a blog, you know that this step is so much harder than it sounds. And if you don’t have a blog, this could be what’s holding you back.

Commitment to consistently posting on your blog.

Consistently writing for your blog is the key for it to have any chance of getting you any listings and sales.

You can’t just write here and there and whenever you feel like it.

That just won’t be enough content for people to really notice.

But if you stick to a schedule and post content regularly, your chances of grabbing leads will shoot way up.

Which brings us to the next point…


Step 2: Killer Content

Just like posting regularly, the quality of your posts is also very important.

The content you post determines whether a potential customer will give you their business or not.

So what should I write about?

You want to avoid talking about yourself.

Yes, nothing about you.

Don’t boast about your sales. Don’t advertise your latest listings.


Because people just don’t care.

Reading about “me, me, me” will not make them want to do business with you.

But another strategy will…

Writing for “you, you, you” (your audience) and their benefit.

Here’s what that means:

When you provide value in your blog content, you are doing a number of things to attract customers.

  1. You’re giving them something for free (information). When people receive something for free, they feel compelled to give back. Besides, how many agents do you know that actually care enough to regularly help others for free?
  2. You’re showing your worth. Your blog is the showcase of your knowledge and expertise.
  3. You’re attracting an audience. When you give valuable information, your readers will want to share it and pass it on to people they know. That means more potential business for you.

Write for other people’s benefit, and you will benefit from them.


Want awesome articles for your blog? Click here.


Step 3: Maximize Your Reach

Consistency and content are the necessary ingredients to make money from your real estate blog.

But if you really want to profit, you have to expand your reach.

After you publish your post, share it on your social media accounts.

Share it on your Facebook, Tweet it, link to it from your Instagram and LinkedIn.

More exposure means more people thinking of you as the real estate expert.

The more people you reach, the more chances you have of them sharing it to their followers, and then theirs, and so on.


Step 4: Follow Up

When you share your article on social media, there will be people who “like” it, share it, retweet it, etc.

Every one of those people that react to it is a prospect!

They may not be ready to buy or sell a house right then and there, but their interaction is a good enough reason for you to get in touch with them.

And from there on, you work your nurturing magic and watch listing and referrals come your way.


Step 5: The REAL Money Maker

This process is a GOLDMINE of opportunity.

However, it does have one small flaw:


The constant researching and writing takes away from your time as an agent and takes away free time from yourself too.

But there is a solution…

You can take a shortcut to speed up this money making method.

Bold Agent Marketing offers pre-written, high-quality real estate blog articles.

Their articles are designed for this system to work.

They are informative and provide value to your readers.

You can check it out here.

Basically they take care of the hard part for you.

All you do is copy the articles over to your blog.

Then you share it on social media to give it a boost and you’re done.


No matter if you write the articles yourself or purchase pre-written ones, there’s no doubt that your blog has huge potential to ramp up your business.

Don’t forget that for this to work, it has to be about the customer’s interest first.

And all the rest will fall in your favor.


To your success!

P.S. – If you’d rather not spend all your time and effort on writing for your blog, check out to take care of the writing for you.

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