8 Most Lead Generating Blog Topics for Realtors

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Chances are that if you have a website, you have a blog.

But are you using it?

If not – well – you most definitely should.

And if you’ve been blogging for a while, you know that posting quality content on your blog can bring you a ton of business.

But what kind of topics should you focus on?

Which articles have the best conversion rates?

Well, here they are…

The Best Converting Real Estate Blog Topics


1. Home Buying Tips

Giving advice to home buyers is a great way to cast a wide net. Even if someone is currently going through the home buying process with a different agent, or isn’t quite ready to buy yet, they will still see you as a source of expertise. That could really come in handy if things don’t work out with their current agent (or whenever they decide to buy).


2. Home Selling Tips

Just like with buying tips, helpful articles for sellers will also pay off in the long run. Some people may be struggling with getting their property sold – either with or without an agent – but after reading your articles they will know who to turn to if they need help. This is also a great way to “plant a seed” in people’s minds who will be selling down the road.


3. Home Improvement

Home improvement topics are fantastic because they work for EVERYONE. Any type of homeowner can benefit from these articles. It will catch the attention of people that are thinking about buying AND selling, as well as renters (they want to improve their residence too and will possibly be buying next time around).


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4. Types of Properties

Don’t limit your prospects to just homeowners. There are quite a few number of investors out there who can be excellent repeat customers. So write about different types of real estate that can cater to them as well, such as vacant lots, fixer upper houses, etc. A couple of helpful articles can make you their first point of contact for future transactions.


5. Financial Tips

Technically, a real estate agent isn’t supposed to give financial guidance to a client, but a few helpful pointers won’t hurt. They will ultimately sit down and discuss their finances with a certified lender, but anything that can help them get prepared is a plus. Topics of interest could be things like how to pay off a mortgage faster, and what types of financial factors are needed before applying for a first mortgage.


6. Renting

Blog posts catered towards renters are a goldmine of opportunity. Odds are that these people have plans to own real estate in the future. Now is a great chance for you to be seen by them before other agents start hunting them down once they are actively looking to buy. Who knows, maybe something in your blog will be the convincing factor for them to become home owners.


7. FSBO vs Realtor

It may seem counter-intuitive to help for-sale-by-owners, but hear me out. This is your chance to actually educate people that are considering selling their property by themselves. This is important because most of them are unprepared and decide to blindly go at it on their own. You may not convince them right away that listing with a real estate agent (a.k.a. YOU) is the way to go, but when they give up, you will be the helpful one they remember to call first.


8. Common Mistakes

There are so many mistakes that buyers and sellers make. This is such a wide ranging topic and it’s so beneficial to your audience! You can discuss anything from showing appointment blunders, to not keeping the house clean for showings, not letting you do the talking at the appropriate time, pricing pitfalls, etc. Use this to show that you do not let mistakes happen.


The Bottom Line…

The goal of your blog is to prove yourself as THE real estate expert to your readers.

Everyone at some point will have real estate related questions. And when they do, who will pop right into their head?

Think about it.

All the random agents sending them mail outs?

Or you, the one that constantly keeps publishing informative blog posts that show your knowledge?

We both know the answer.

So get to it.


To your success!

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