The Secret to Being an Irresistible Agent

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agentSuccessful real estate agents know that every person they meet could lead to their next sale. Anyone at the places you visit like the hair salon, car service, or ice cream place has the potential to become your next customer.

One of the best things you can do to increase your conversion rate is to use some charm to lure customers in your direction.


What Charm Is

The key to charming people is to not manipulate them. Manipulation has the opposite effect than what you want to create.

All it takes to charm is to portray yourself in the best possible light without lying or making the other person feel uncomfortable.

If you think you don’t possess the ability to charm, you’re wrong. Charm is something that can be easily learned. You just need to know what works and how to do it.


The Art of Charm

It all starts with your approach. As you approach someone, take a quick look at their body language if they seem approachable. If they look angry or resentful, you may have a hard time even if you try your best.

It helps if you know something about the other person. Maybe you’ve heard something about them or a mutual friend mentioned something to you about the person.

If you feel that you can engage in a good conversation, approach the other person with a confident smile. This part is important in “breaking the ice” because strangers enjoy the company of people who enjoy themselves and feel confident.

You can introduce yourself with a question to avoid sounding mundane. It can be something as simple as “What brings you here today?”. This shows genuine interest on your part and will get the conversation going right away.

Start with broad, general questions and gradually work your way to more specific questions. This will help you stay in control of the conversation and help you guide it in whatever direction you want.

As you keep talking, commit their name to memory. A great way to do that is to naturally repeat their name whenever applicable – after compliments or thank you’s are a great time to say their name.


Listen for Their Interests

Look for key words that describe interests you both have in common while the two of you are talking. Use these topics to move into deeper questions.

These key words can come in handy because you won’t have to interrupt the other party and you will have plenty to talk about.

By referring to these topics, you will show that you understand them. When people “get” each other, they start to form a bond.


End on a High Note

Throughout the conversation, listen closely to the other party and keep the focus on them. This way, you will show genuine interest in them as people.

Once your chat starts to die down, you need to make an exit before an uncomfortable or awkward lull occurs. You can easily do this by saying pleasantries and referring to something about them from your conversation. This will prove to them that you’ve listened and you’ve gotten to know each other.


Even if you master the art of charm, it doesn’t guarantee that you will get along with everybody you meet. It does mean, however, that you have the amazing ability to have a pleasant conversation with someone, and you can use that skill to develop a positive relationship.

Worst case scenario, the two of you don’t click, but the positive impression you leave may earn you some business in the future.


Happy selling!

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