How to Be a Realtor That People Adore

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How to Be a Realtor That People AdoreOne of the key concepts that separates average realtors from top producers is the strategy by which they choose to sell. When it comes to real estate, selling yourself to customers won’t work.

That is because when choosing a product or service (or hiring a real estate agent), people would rather buy than be sold, and there is a big difference between the two. They would rather develop a conscious choice to buy something than have that same product be sold to them by getting suckered in against their free will.

If you are pushy, people will reject you. Humans have developed a very sensitive nose to sniff out a salesman from a mile away.

It may seem logical to try and pull complicated and never-before-seen sales tactics to gain more sales. Some may work occasionally, but it surely won’t make people like you.


People Buy Through Emotion

People are much more likely to buy something that they have an emotional connection with. Nobody buys something that they don’t like.

Just look at sports fans. We all know someone that buys anything with their favorite sports team logo slapped on it for ridiculous prices. They do it because they like their team more than the competition, and they support them by buying their merchandise.

The same concept can be applied to celebrities, musicians, politicians, etc. The person that people like will get the support of their fans.

How does all of this translate into real estate?

If you want to have your own “fans”, or people that follow you, people that give you their business and send their friends to you for their real estate needs, you need to be likable.

Most people know by the time they reach adulthood what it takes to be likable. They have to be nice, polite, kind, etc. Which is true in a general sense.

So why are salesmen (including realtors) so often rejected despite doing all these things?

Because they all do the same thing. You can’t be liked amongst your competition if you’re doing the exact same thing as them.

But there is one simple concept that gets people to like you…


The Secret

It’s not something crazy. It’s not a magic product. It’s not a supplement.

Here it is:

In order for people to like you, you have to show genuine interest in them.

In other words, take the effort to get to know your customers. Find out about their lives. Be personable with them.

People care the most about themselves. Want proof? If you see a group photograph for the first time that you are in, who do you look at first? Exactly.

Most other realtors only call their sphere of influence when they need something. Even when they just “check-in” with past clients, they ask for referrals. How genuine do you think those calls sound?

This simple social relations technique only works if you are sincere. If you aren’t sincere, you become like all other salesmen.

If you develop a genuine interest in others, you will be adored. People will become your fans. You will get referrals without even asking for them.

It’s a win-win situation. Once people realize that you are interested in them, they will become interested in you. If you have their interest, you will stand out and be favored amongst your competitors, and referrals will find their way to you. Besides, it’s a great way to network and make life-long connections with people.


To your success!

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