The Agent’s Guide to Success Through Happiness

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happy realtorSuccess can be defined in a variety of ways. For some it’s about having nice cars or a big house. Others derive success from traveling the world or being able to spend time doing their favorite hobby.

While everyone’s definition of success is different, it can all be traced back to one common source – what makes them happy.

Happiness and success go hand in hand. When you’re happy, you feel successful because you have achieved happiness. When you feel successful, you’re happy because you achieved success.


How do you become a happy realtor?

Follow this guide and try to implement it into your lifestyle as soon as possible. Don’t let constant stress or daunting deadlines get the best of you.

If you’ve ever felt burnt out or found it hard to focus, embrace these concepts in your life and watch success come your way naturally.


Sleep Well

Sleep is essential for success. A well rested body will function much better than a tired one, and it will fight off illness more effectively.

Proper sleep will also give you mental clarity and the ability to focus on tasks to get them done quicker.

8 hours of quality sleep per night is recommended for most adults to properly recharge your batteries. If you think you’re struggling to get quality sleep every night try using a Sleep Easy machine or an all natural sleep aid.


Go Outside

Studies have shown that just taking a 20-30 minute walk can stimulate your brain and do wonders to your body. Being in the sun even for a short period of time will provide your body with some much needed Vitamin D and will make you feel much happier than being indoors.

Make it a goal to spend at least 30 minutes a day outside. Walk the dog, explore a nearby park, or pick up a new hobby. The outdoors can give you a whole new perspective on things that can help your problem solving skills needed for problems that arise during a transaction.


Laugh Whenever Possible

Laughter is the best medicine. It is the easiest way to make yourself feel better.

Laugh at your mistakes. If you feel stressed, find something funny on the internet. Talk to someone who knows how to cheer you up if you’re down.

A person that is able to laugh is always more enjoyable for their clients to work with.


Be Thankful

Being thankful is the core principle of happy and successful people. If you don’t take the time to appreciate the things you already have, chances are you won’t appreciate future good things that happen to you. This can lead to a constant feeling of dissatisfaction and feeling like a failure in some way, regardless of what you achieve.

Take 5 minutes each day to think about what you are thankful for. This simple concept will allow you to find joy in everything you do and you will accomplish more than ever before.



Meditation doesn’t have to take long or require much effort. If you’re always in a rush or thinking about upcoming appointments and how much you still have to get done today, try meditating.

Simply take a couple of minutes each day and unplug your mind. Switch off everything you’re thinking about, turn off your phone, and focus on nothing but the present.

Implementing this technique into your daily routine will help reduce stress and ensure that your clients get your full attention during meetings.


Focus on Family

Life is a journey, not a destination. It’s easy to neglect your loved ones when you’re busy trying to be the best realtor in your town.

However, if you take nothing else away from reading this article, just remember this one thing. Live your life that if you were to die tomorrow, you would have no regrets about how you treated your loved ones.

After all, would you rather be surrounded by a useless pile of money on your deathbed, or the company of people that care about you?

Spend your free time with family, reconnect with old friends, and make new friends and family along the way.


Don’t feel overwhelmed by trying to implement these things into your life immediately. Focus on one of the above points at a time, and then blend all of them gradually into your daily routine.

To your success!

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