How to Manage Multiple Listings Like a Pro

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Can you have too many listings?Having too many listings is a problem that every real estate agent dreams of having. Many agents struggle to even transition from being a dedicated buyers agent to becoming a listing agent. If you have trouble managing all your listings because of their sheer volume, you are on your way to success as a real estate agent if you learn how to handle them properly.

How many listings is too many?

There is no magic number to answer that question as every real estate agent will have a different number. The volume would probably be higher for agents that work with homes in the $100,000 range than the agents that work with million dollar listings. Different value homes require different levels of service in terms of marketing, open houses, and customer communication.

The #1 priority for every successful agent is providing the best customer service possible – after all, that’s what pays you the commission versus the other agents. If you have too many listings to be able to provide your customers with the best possible service you can give, you have reached your limit.

What can you do?

One of the solutions for having too many listings is to start building a team. However, it can take months to recruit the right people and to develop a system that works for every one of your team members.

The easier, more instant way to deal with too many listings is to co-list with another agent. I know that the thought of splitting your hard earned commission sounds crazy, but consider the benefits.

First of all, you still get a commission – and making some money is better than making no money, right? You also get to keep your customers because you are better able to serve them. You will have more time for more customers because someone else is there to assist you in keeping your customers happy.

If, for some reason, the property owners object to you co-listing with another agent, or find it offensive that you would share their loyalty with someone else, you should explain to them that it’s for their benefit as well.

Tell them that this way, if you are busy with other customers and appointments (not that you would ever be too busy for them), you will still be able to attend to their needs with the help of your fellow colleague. Once they understand, they will realize that you always have their best interest in mind, and will be sure to send future referrals your way.

Co-listing with another agent if you have too many listings can be a win-win scenario. You still get paid and you can keep more of your hard earned clients happy. Who knows, it may also lead to the start of a new team that will make you a top producing agent in your area.

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