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real estate newsletterDigital newsletters are undoubtedly a very easy marketing tool for real estate agents.

You only have to write one copy of the content, and at the click of a mouse it’s instantly sent to hundreds or thousands of your email subscribers.

But what makes a great newsletter?

Turns out it’s not that complicated. Just follow this easy guide when creating your newsletter.



The most important thing in creating a real estate newsletter is to make sure that your publication is branded to you. Include your company logo (or your own), a catchy slogan that relates to you, your contact information, a direct link to your website, and a head shot so your readers can admire your pretty face.

The newsletter should be sent to past and prospective clients. A good rule of thumb when selecting who to send it to is to ask yourself, “Can I be of some service to this person or someone they know?” If the answer is yes, or even maybe, send it to them.



Your newsletter can contain a variety of information. Posts from your blog or someone else’s blog, helpful articles for clients, and news articles that relate to the housing market are great things to include.

Don’t be afraid to venture out and include some entertaining content like funny real estate pictures, but make sure it’s appropriate to your whole audience and won’t offend anyone.



Include relevant news from around your area. Highlight local businesses to capture the attention of their customers.

If a there is a major event in the nearby area, write about what effect it has on where you live.



Consistency is key for an effective newsletter.

Focus on sending your newsletter on the same day of the week if you send it weekly, or the same day of the month if you send it monthly. Try and keep the time interval between your newsletters the same, but you don’t have to wait long if you have an urgent update.



Send it via email to the list of contacts you chose. Ask your recipients to add your email address to their contacts so that your hard work doesn’t get blocked by their spam filter.

Don’t forget to share your newsletter on all your social media accounts. A well written article has the power to be shared quickly on social media, allowing you to be exposed to a huge pool of potential new clients.


If you don’t currently have a newsletter, start one today! You are missing out on an easy and free marketing strategy.


Happy selling!

Join our FREE newsletter and we’ll send you more lead generating tips and ideas as soon as they’re published, plus a BONUS "hack" to get leads from your website.
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