8 Top Producer Traits That Will Make You Successful

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8 Traits of Top Producers That You Can EmulateEvery real estate agent wants to be a top producer. They are the rockstars of our profession. They have fame, respect, a huge following (of clients), and of course, bigger commissions.

While nothing beats hard work and commitment to achieve that status, here are 8 characteristics you can employ starting today that are commonly found in most top producers.

1. Prospect religiously. Yes, you’ve been told to do this since the day you got your real estate license. Pick a system that works for your schedule and stick to it, whether it’s 2 hours every day starting at 8am, or 4 hours a week every other afternoon. Develop a system, and don’t cheat it.

2. Constant Improvement. Take time to attend training sessions and continuing education classes. This is vital as laws and regulations are changing all the time. Even if you already are a top producer, you can always pick up a tad bit of info to help tweak your business to perfection.

3. Smile. This is the easiest tool in your toolbox, and it’s always at your disposal. It’s easy to do, and makes the recipient feel better and more comfortable around you. Smiling makes you look more confident and trustworthy, both of which are vital to earn your customer’s business.

4. Get rid of your ego. Someone will always be better than you at something. You will never be perfect at everything. The sooner you realize this, the sooner you can deliver your best customer service and attend better to your clients’ needs.

5. Practice scripts and dialogue. Constantly practice your calling scripts, presentation dialogue, objection handling, etc. to save yourself the embarrassment of not knowing what to say under pressure. You need to have all of these engraved in your mind so that when you’re put on the spot, the words will flow out of your mouth naturally, without any hesitation.

6. Listen. Ah, the golden rule. A good agent will always listen more than talk. Ask questions and listen to your clients. Understand what they want, deliver on your word, and they will be happy. Listening is the foundation to serving your clients sufficiently.

7. Consistency. Get up, dress up, and show up every day. Giant snowballs of success don’t form by stopping here and there. They start rolling, and they keep going. Don’t let yourself lose momentum. Stay focused, keep your eyes on the prize, and keep hustling every day.

8. Respect. Treat everyone you meet with respect. This will help you develop a great reputation, and people will usually return the respect to you. Take pride in your profession as a real estate agent and represent yourself the best way possible with an outpouring of respect.


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