How to Be a Master Communicator

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4 Tips for Effective Communication

Do you ever have trouble getting your point across to property owners? Have you ever felt like your buyers are just not getting it?

We’ve all been there.

Proper communication is one of the founding principles of success. Read below for some of the simplest ways to communicate effectively.

#1. Attention is required

If you make people remember you by leaving your mark in their memory, you will have their attention.

Go above and beyond their expectations to stand out from the rest, and they’ll think your service is outstanding. Always dressing up, having an approproiate sense of humor, or even just being nice and friendly is a great way to differentiate yourself from other agents.

If you’re memorable, you will attract attention.

#2. Show Instead of Tell

Let’s be real, no one likes Mr. Smarty Pants or Ms. Know It All. Your job as a professional real estate agent is not to boss people around.

Make sure that instead of giving out orders you show your clients what to do. Demonstrate instead of command.

Listen to how you actually talk, and phrase your sentences in a proactive manner. Say things like “let me show you how” instead of “do that”, or say “let’s take a look at the prices” instead of “these are the prices”.

#3. Develop a Feel about yourself

One of the easiest ways to stand out from the crowd is for your clients to feel a certain way about you – in a positive manner, obviously.

It can make all the difference in the world if your clients actually feel like you are a professional. You can even make the buying process “feel” right and make them come around if there is some doubt in their mind.

#4. Explain Why

Correct information along with proper reasoning leads to action taking. People that buy or sell real estate nowadays can’t just be told to do something – they need to make sense of an action before executing it.

For example, if you straight up ask for a listing, rarely will you actually end up getting it. However, if you take some time and explain to the owners that the current market is ideal, and the timing of the listing is right, and as a result you think that the home might sell for what they want to sell it for, they will consider your advice carefully and you will end up with a new listing.


For more great tips on effective communication, check out How to Win Friends & Influence People.

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