4 Must Have Skills for Great Agents

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4 Must Have Skills for Great AgentsBeing a real estate agent nowadays is hard work.

Not manual labor or rocket science hard, but it takes a lot to raise your game in the business and then it’s even harder to stay at the top once you’re there.

Real estate agents work in a very competitive field. On top of that, you are constantly learning and adapting to new rules and regulation, clients, and technology.

Over 70% of agents quit in their first year, and over half of the remaining ones thrown in the towel before their second anniversary in the industry. Too bad they didn’t get a chance to read this article. But you do, so here are 4 essential skills that are vital to your success.

Skill #1

Time is of the Essence

Most agents realize the need to time-block and the benefits that result it. However, only some agents figure out what tasks to do in each block of time.

You can be busy running errands for 3 hours, or you can use that same 3 hour time period for prospecting. The key is to use your time effectively.

A simple way to check if you’re doing the right thing is to ask yourself if the activity you’re doing is going to earn you more business. If the answer is no, ask yourself if there is something else you could be doing that can earn you more business.

Always use your time in the most effective way possible.

Skill #2

The Daily Hustle

Every day brings a whole new set of opportunities. There is business to be earned just about every where you go; at restaurants, the post office, even at the gas station.

When these opportunities arise, you must be ready to take them. Have your business cards with you everywhere you go. Dress nice. Keep your car clean.

Always be prepared to meet a new client every day.

Skill #3

Prequalify 100% of the Time

It cannot be stressed enough how important prequalifying your customers is. Unfortunately, the “buyers are liars” saying still holds true today in some cases. However, there is an even more important reason for prequalifying every buyer you work with…

To get the most efficient use of your time.

When you prequalify someone, you will know exactly how much home they can afford. This will maximize your efforts when you search for a property because you can narrow down your search even more than just the preferences of the buyer.

This way you will spend less time searching, less time driving, less time writing offers that won’t get accepted, and more time selling.

Skill #4

Follow Up Faithfully

Studies show that following up with a new customer doubles your chances of gaining their business.

Treat everyone that inquires about your services with respect, and be professional with them from day 1. Even if you only make small talk with them for a few minutes, get their contact info and give them a call to check in with them.

If you think you might have a serious buyer, get them pre-approved for a mortgage as soon as possible.

If the person you’ve been following up with turns out to not be ready quite yet, keep following up with them periodically and ask if they know anyone that could benefit from your services.

Keep your business revolving around these principles, and always remember to have some fun while doing it.

To your success!

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