4 Reasons Why Alert Agents Are Crushing the Competition

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4 Good Reasons Why You Must Sharpen Your ResponsivenessDo you find yourself looking for ways to beat experienced agents?

Or maybe you are an experienced real estate agent but you find yourself in close competition with other agents.

In either scenario, you can master one skill to get ahead of the pack.

What skill is that?


According to Real Trends 2013 Online Performance Study, 89 percent of consumers said that response time was very important when choosing their real estate agent.

That’s one statistic you can’t ignore, and here are four good reasons why.


1. The Golden Rule

Treat others the way you want to be treated. How many times have you heard that in your life?

Yet, in the real world, people’s expectations don’t always align with the way they conduct business.

Everybody expects answers, service, or a response right away. But many people don’t return the same responsiveness to society.

How many times have you given your business to someone because of how well they treated you? I’m guessing a lot of times.

Maybe your car detailer is always able to take care of your oddball requests. Perhaps your favorite ice cream shop always gives you a big scoop and treats you like a valued customer.

You expect and value responsive service, so provide responsiveness to your customers.


2. Praised Reviews

Positive online reviews give real estate agents a strong foundation and a virtual legacy.

People buy products and choose services that boast in positive consumer reviews.

Nowadays people aren’t afraid to leave a negative review to reflect their experience.

But they are more and more inclined to leave positive reviews for those people and businesses that take great care of them.

As always, you should treat every customer with utmost professionalism.

However, if you want to have raving fans that act like walking billboards, you need to follow-up in a timely manner.

Speaking of reviews, remind your satisfied customers after closing to leave a review for you so that you can serve your community better.


3. The Sharks are Always Hungry

Some agents think that it’s no big deal if they wait a couple of hours, or maybe until the next business day to check back with a prospect.

Well, if you’re the only agent in your town, and the only means by which real estate information is available, then you can afford yourself that luxury.

But that’s not the case. You have competitors that will not hesitate to pick up the commissions that you drop.

Selling real estate is a fiercely competitive business. However, you can use that to your advantage.

If you develop your responsiveness to be better than your competitors’, you will be the one gaining the sales that they lose!


4. Technology Leaves No Excuses

Technology makes your life as a real estate agent much easier than it used to be.

Some young agents are shocked when they hear stories about how the MLS used to be printed pieces of paper that you had to sift through by hand at the office to find what you’re looking for.

With today’s automated technology there are no excuses to not follow-up with leads in a timely manner.

Do you have a smartphone? Then you have a phone, internet, email, text messaging, calendars, notes, and maps all in your hand! That’s more than enough gadgetry to connect with prospects.

But I know you can’t be available 24/7. That’s where automation comes in.

You can set up auto-responding text messaging and emails to let people know that you will contact them as soon as possible.

You can even hire virtual assistants who will help manage your inquiries.

The sky’s the limit with the tech tools available to us today. Use it to your advantage to help push you to the front of the pack.


To your success!

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