4 Tips to Always Keep Your Customers Happy

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keep your customers happyFor most people, buying and selling a home is one of the most stressful things that can happen in their lifetime. It’s easy to understand their situation; a house is some families’ most valuable asset. And on a more personal note, they probably have at least some emotional attachment involved; whether it’s reminiscing about memories at the old house, or feeling abundantly excited about the new one.

Buyers and sellers are full of emotion during the buying and selling process, and real estate agents are often caught in the middle of what seems like a therapy session – rather than a real estate transaction – to try and control the situation.

What to Keep in Mind

Have you ever been involved in a situation where your client was getting overly anxious about everything? Here are 4 simple ways you can keep things under control in a professional manner.

1. Stay Proactive

Always remain on top of things instead of just waiting for them to happen. It’s much easier to monitor the sale process proactively, making sure that no difficulties arise, than being reactive, and only stepping in once the problems have already presented themselves.

2. Watch the Calendar, Not the Clock

Keep an eye on upcoming events and prepare for them accordingly. In your busy schedule it’s easy for a showing or inspection to sneak up on you, but only if you let it. Always check your calendar a couple of days in advance so you have time to prepare or research if necessary. Set reminders on your phone or tablet to alert you of upcoming appointments.

3. Educate, but Don’t Quiz

Guide your customers through the transaction and inform them about the process. Make sure they are prepared for what happens next. Discuss potential worst-case scenarios to avoid any “pop quiz” moments. And if the bad stuff never happens? Even better – they will think of your expertise more highly than before!

4. Simply Simplify

Avoid overloading them with information. Remember, you are the conductor of this train – they hired you because they wanted to be passengers while you guide them to their destination. Use technology to your advantage and make things as easy as possible for them – consider emailing documents and using electronic signatures if they work late, or live out of town, etc.

And there you have it. Just 4 simple things to keep in mind to keep your clients happy, and keep the commissions flowing your way.

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